Please note that this is still in development so we are working on fixing issues and adding additional features before the full public launch. Your feedback will help us improve SmartCite. Importantly however, please take the usual precautions when using a beta software product - backup your documents regularly, and note that we recommend against using this for critical manuscripts at the moment. 

The new version of SmartCite is a plug-in available for Microsoft Word 2016. Unlike the first version of SmartCite, this updated version does not require a local installation of the ReadCube desktop app - this SmartCite add-in integrates with your synced ReadCube library in the cloud.

Also, the old workflows for starting SmartCite (ie. CTRL + CTRL) will no longer be needed.

You will not be able to edit files with citations created in the current SmartCite.

To get started, please follow the steps below:

Important Requirements:

  • You must be using Word 2016 on PC or Mac (on Mac, v15.3+ required)
  • Please check and update your Word software to the most current version
  • Ensure you are connected to the internet (*offline support coming soon!)

Installing SmartCite 2.0:

Open the Word desktop app, with any document or a new blank one.

Click on the “Insert” tab in the top ribbon, then click on “My Add-ins”.

Click on “Store” in the add-in popup, and search for “SmartCite”.

Click the “Add” button to install in your Word app.
After it’s added, you can open SmartCite by clicking the “My Add-ins” button - the SmartCite add-in will be listed under the “My Add-ins” section. Click on it to start using it.
Log in to your ReadCube account.

Use the “References” tab to search your library for references to cite.
Select one or more search results, and click the bottom “Insert Citation” button to add to your document (at the current cursor location).

To add a bibliography, click the “Styles” tab, and then click the “Insert Bibliography” button at the bottom.

Search in the “Styles” section to update with another citation style anytime.

To update an existing citation in your document, click on it so that the citation is activated (gray “highlight”). For citations with multiple references, an individual reference can be deleted by clicking on the corresponding X button in the right side panel, followed by the “Update Citation” button.

Documents created with this beta can be shared and edited between computers but known issues exist with OneDrive syncing (see below).

Sharing feedback

Once you've had a chance to run through things - please share your feedback with us via our online form.

Let us know if you have any questions at ReadCube Support!