What if my university/institution is not listed in proxy list?

If your institution uses an EZProxy system for authentication, but is not on the list of institutions in ReadCube, you can manually enter your proxy information or request that we add your institution to our database.

To enter your proxy information manually:

  • Find the EZProxy URL provided by your university. This URL typically looks like this: http://ezp.universityname/login?url=%@ 
  • You can typically find it on your university library’s website, or contact your librarian for assistance. 
  • In ReadCube, open preferences (click the gear icon in the bottom left of the app).
  • Select the “Institution Affiliation” tab.
  • Select “Manually Enter Proxy URL” and enter your EZProxy URL in the box below.

To request the addition of your institution to our automatic configuration list:

  • Send the URL, along with your institution’s official name to support@readcube.com
  • We’ll add your institution to the list for the next update to ReadCube.

If your institution uses a network/browser proxy:

  • Open ReadCube preferences (click the gears icon in the bottom left of the ReadCube window)
  • In the institutional affiliation pane, you may select your institution from the list and uncheck the box marked “Use my institution proxy to access authenticated content online”
  • If your institution is not listed, select “No Affiliation”
  • ReadCube will use your operating system-wide proxy settings (set in Safari on Mac and Internet Explorer in Windows) to access the internet.

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