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Copy/Paste citation text

I am a long time Papers 3 user for Mac OS.  I made use of the feature where you could copy the citation as text to the system clipboard.  I think you could set a preference for the format of the citation.  It would be helpful if I could do this in the new web App.

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Thanks, good for a start but style pre-selection (or drop-down of 3-4 chosen favorites) would be great!

Thank you, Jacob and ReadCube support team. We are really looking forward to being added these features, selecting journal format and coping/pasting the reference.

This is now partially implemented on the web: Copy -> Reference. We are working on expanding this feature to allow you to pick your style.

yes, this feature is a must and one of the weakness of using Readcube papers online versus the mac or windows apps. I used it extensively on Mac.

This feature could not come fast enough.

Need for this function

I agree. Current version (4.0.27) will copy metadata but this  lacks volume and page number which is useful when putting in citations to lecture slides and presentations where I don't need the entire abstract. 

Former user of Papers3 who stumbled upon this huge limit this morning while preparing slides for a conference: here I am. Copy citation to the clipboard is a must-have

Yes, absolutely, this is a must!

I also want ReadCube Papers to copy the citation (Author's name, Title, Journal, years, etc.) as favorite journal format as you want to use, like Papers 3.

It is very useful to make presentation slides and put a reference on the slide.

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