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add tags in batch

I would like to add tags in batch to multiple articles at once. When I select multiple articles there are various options available but no possibility of adding tags.

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Hi everyone!

This feature is available if you are a subscriber to ReadCube. You can both add tags individually and in bulk.

To create a tag, just type a hashtag - e.g. #journal-club - in the Notes field in the right panel, under the abstract. Hashtags can contain dashes or periods.

Any tags you create will be listed in the left menu panel, under the Tags section. All tags become links - clicking on a tag will take you to the list with all references containing the same tag. Once you've added a tag to the sidebar you can select multiple articles and drag them on-top of the tag in the left menu and that tag will automatically be added to all the articles you selected. 

It's also quick and easy to search for any tag using the general Search bar at the top.

To remove a tag from a reference, just delete the hashtag from the Notes field. A tag that no longer has associated references will be automatically removed from the left menu. 

Hope this helps!

Alex @ ReadCube

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Ohhhh thanks! I can drag the articles in the tag, didn't thought of that!


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