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Papers 3 with Scrivener 3

Hi, I have just learned that the citations functionality of Papers 3 (which is the key reason I am using Papers), is not working well in the new release of Scrivener (it does not let you insert a 'citekey'). This is probably due to a new text library that Scrivener is using, but I don't know the details.

I know that it has been the desire of the Papers team to make it work nicely with Scrivener, therefore my question, what can we expect from Papers in this regard?

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So now a new version is pushed, that was built on 22 November it seems (!), and still has no Citation support for Scrivener 3?

Could you then at least let us modify this ourselves? Some of us have noticed that all that is required to make this work is changing a line of code in the AppSupportInformation.plist in the Citations App, but after changing that Paper has a mechanism that just locks the software. 

I agree, being able to cite references in Scrivener, as well as Mellel (and InDesign) among others (not JUST Word) is a necessary feature of any reference management software - not an optional, not a "would be nice" but an essential otherwise the software is useless.


I don't know how I will continue with my dissertation as using Scrivener and Papers 3 is what I am used to. Maybe I will need to switch to a different software to cite references. I would like to update to Scrivener 3, but have not done this yet because of the Papers problem. I would like to know if Papers intends to address the compatibility because I am not going to abandon Scrivener.  

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