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Please add a Papers specific forum.

Hi - Papers3 on OSX is a shambles.  I know you're rolling out a hybrid ReadCube/Papers app, but PLEASE add a Papers specific forums.  As you know, the site that used to have a bare-bones forum was shut down and now re-directs here, but there is nothing at all related to Papers here.

I ask this as I've been very disappointed with the support given Papers over the last two years, and the Papers/Readcube merger seems largely the cause of that. As the new hybrid app comes out, it is essentially asking me to change programs.  I can just as easily change to Mendeley or Endnote, and product support is a very large component on what I plan to do.  As I said, Papers3 support has been very bad.  How will Papers/Readcube support be?

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. I'm in the market for a new reader/reference manager to replace Papers3 and am eagerly awaiting the ReadCube/Papers hybrid - however, with such shoddy support and funkiness that is currently Papers3 - Bookends is looking really appealing (aside from the reader aspect of it, but I think that's going to improve). Is there a timeline for the hybrid? Is there currently any support for papers3, or are we left with just google?

Mekentosj who created Papers have always had a horrible approach to support, customer interaction and software quality control. If the leading members of that company are in any way involved in the new Papers/Readcube hybrid, then I am staying far away from it. I am not paying for more lousy software than I already have.

Hi, as you are Papers users, and I have nowhere else to go I wondered if you have experience running Papers on High Sierra. I am getting pressured to update my OS, but I wonder what 'funkiness' I am going to experience. Support have written me a kind email, but would rather hear from some users what their experience is. Thanks in advance.

At this point, it's difficult to determine what problems are specific to Papers and what are caused by High Sierra.  Currently, most of Papers 3 runs okay on High Sierra, but as a whole, it definitely doesn't run great.  Here are the problems I think I'm having specific to High Sierra and/or current iterations of Microsoft Word (16.8 current)

  1. Citations sometimes crashes when Papers starts.  When this happens, restarting Citations via Papers' preference pane doesn't work, nor does clicking on the Citations app embedded in the Papers app.  What does work is running Citations.exec from terminal.  Other times, it works fine - developers have been notified, but I've never received a solution.  I was stuck trying to figure things out myself, and receive congratulatory emails when I found a solution on my own.
  2. When I got Citations running via the terminal, I've often had problems automatically adding in {citations.2017nd} placeholders in Word anymore. In these cases, I have had to manually enter the citation by going into Papers and typing it between the two {}.  Formatting the bibliography still works, thankfully.  And as above, sometimes adding in citations works fine
  3. Papers crashes about one time in ten when doing searches in the Library pane.  No idea why.  I've rebuilt/repaired the library/removed orphaned authors - no change.  

Problems not specific to High Sierra (I think?) are listed below.  I had more on the site, but those were all thrown into the Memory Hole and erased over the last four months.  They were never solved - I was told developers were working on them when I initially posted them... and then after months/years of ignoring them, these bug reports were just removed without notification.  This is a very big reason why I looking to change to another program - support is lipservice only.  Beyond fixing the orphan authors bug, none of the things I reported were actually dealt with.
  1. Scrolling authors in the sidebar is very slow - lots of beachballs.
  2. Papers doesn't alphabetize special characters in authors names correctly.  So Gotz is alphabetized as you'd expect, but Gøtz appears at the bottom of the 'G's
  3. Papers has a massive problem in that it is constantly writing information to your hard drive.  This makes Papers consume a ton of battery power when it should not.  If you run Papers in the background (unused) for several hours, then go into Activity Monitor, click on the Disk option, and then sort by "Bytes Written," you'll see the app has been very busy writing/rewriting GB of data to your drive.  This should not be happening.  Again, when notified, I was told that developers were working on it.  
I should say that Cary has reached out to me by a private message after my first post above.  While I appreciate that personal touch, it is disappointing that Papers/Readcube staff are reading these forums but then not actually responding publicly.  This is part.of.the.problem

Heh, I see they learned nothing from the PR blunder that their new/current "forum" was.

Thanks Niles, this is super helpful. I have read somewhere (can't recall where now) that Papers crashes in High Sierra when editing any bibliographic entry. But this is clearly not your experience, that is at least some comfort. 

I agree that information could be more public, but it is a sign (and not a good one) of where this is going. If it were good news, it was all over on Twitter and everywhere. I am super happy with the citations function, as that allows me to work in Scrivener, but what I understand is that the new program will not support this. Therefore it would become useless to me.

Papers seemed to be the only application around that had a decent Mac interface and the ability to cite in any software. Mendeley has an unbelievably poor Mac client for the money that sits behind it in Elsevier and EndNote is just too expensive. If you fancy starting a startup... :)

I've been looking into Bookends for the Mac - not super jazzed about the PDF reader aspect of it, but seems like it may suffice.

As for High Sierra, I've refrained from upgrading based on experiences other members of my group have had with software after upgrading. Our IT guys have also advised against upgrading at this point.

Hi Benjamin, do you refer to experiences with Papers on High Sierra, or in general?

In general.

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