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Import Papers 3 in Readcube


I tried the instructions n the beginning screen but I think I messed up. What I want to do: import a collection of 18 papers (on one research project) from Papers into Readcube. They have annotations and highlights which I would like to take with me to Readcube.

What I did:

1) exported the collection as an Endnote XML file

2) Exported the selected pdfs as pdfs and files. However, it started to export ALL papers in my library.

3) Drop the xml file on the import screen and then it asks to browse for the files which it takes from the folder where the pdfs were exported to.

Problem: highlights and annotations seem to be missing. How can I start this over and do it right?

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I'm worried that this is tagged as a feature request. Migrating my notes is a must-have...

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