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Export/Print Notes & comments in docx

- Highlights and/or notes are saved on the docx/PDF with the option of printing with or without notes.

- Print notes separately from article

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This topic has existed since 2011.  Has any progress been made? or is this 'restarting' the topic in a new forum format subterfuge in order to defer lack of progress?

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Can we export each individual highlights or notes in a text file ? It is really important since it is part of my workflow and many people I know are counting on that.

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+1 on this. Being able to embed highlights and comments into PDFs so that I can share them or edit in other PDF readers is crucial for my needs -- so much so that I'll have to switch to another app until this is added. It hadn't occurred to me that annotations might be stored in a way that would render them unusable outside ReadCube, and I wouldn't have started using the app if I had known.

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