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  1. A PDF wasn't identified or incorrectly identified after being imported - how do I fix it?

  2. About ReadCube Checkout

  3. Accessing purchase in your ReadCube Library

  4. Adding articles to a shared group library

  5. Adding Metadata-only References to your Library

  6. Article Mis-labelled as Supplement (or vice versa)

  7. Can I download PDFs using ReadCube Desktop from journals to which my institution is a subscriber?

  8. Can I get ReadCube for my Blackberry?

  9. Can I import PDF files from the Dropbox App into ReadCube ReadCube iOS App (iPhone/iPad)?

  10. Can I learn more about the authors of a ReadCube Web Reader article?

  11. Can I mark an article as a favorite in ReadCube Desktop?

  12. Can I print out notes/hightlights

  13. Can I subscribe to ReadCube Pro in the mobile app?

  14. Can I use ReadCube Mobile offline?

  15. Can I use ReadCube on Linux?

  16. Can ReadCube Desktop automatically organize my articles into lists?

  17. Can we upgrade from Pro to ReadCube for Teams?

  18. Can't access an Android app store? Use the direct Android apk download link

  19. Connection error message preventing installation / update / login

  20. Content Sharing FAQs

  21. Do I need a free ReadCube Account to access PDF files on the Wiley Online Library?

  22. Do I need a ReadCube Pro subscription to save articles from the Web Reader?

  23. Do I need a Readcube subscription or do I need to be a registered ReadCube user to view a shared article?

  24. Do I need ReadCube Desktop to use ReadCube Mobile?

  25. Do you accept Paypal?

  26. Does ReadCube keep backups? How can I restore from a ReadCube backup. (Mac)

  27. Does SmartCite support collaboration?

  28. Does the ReadCube iOS App (iPhone/iPad) work with Safari?

  29. Finding citation information for an article

  30. Firefox issue: Poor font rendering or lack of loading in HTML5 reader

  31. For ReadCube for Teams, is their a minimum number of people to be a considered a team?

  32. Getting Started with ReadCube for Teams

  33. Help! Bookmarket is not working!

  34. Help! My Issue Isn't Listed!

  35. How can I "flatten" (remove fields) from a SmartCite [Legacy]-formatted document?

  36. How can I apply promotional codes to my purchases?

  37. How can I buy individual access to Wiley Online Journal articles using ReadCube Checkout?

  38. How can I cancel my ReadCube Pro subscription?

  39. How can I change my article's download provider in ReadCube Desktop?

  40. How can I change SmartCite's [Legacy] launch shortcut?

  41. How can I change the card I have on file with ReadCube?

  42. How can I change the credit card that will be used to renew my ReadCube Pro subscription?

  43. How can I change the e-mail associated with my ReadCube Account?

  44. How can I deactivate my ReadCube account?

  45. How can I delete articles downloaded via ReadCube Desktop from my computer?

  46. How can I disable the Enhanced PDF Web Reader?

  47. How can I download a PDF from Wiley using the ReadCube Web Reader?

  48. How can I download multiple articles or an entire list from the cloud?

  49. How can I download the PDF version of an article from the Web Reader?

  50. How can I export references from ReadCube?

  51. How can I find related articles using the ReadCube Web Reader?

  52. How can I find/access the rental/cloud article I purchased

  53. How can I get to my purchases through the ReadCube Web Reader?

  54. How can I get to the ReadCube Web Reader on

  55. How can I get to the ReadCube Web Reader on

  56. How can I get to the ReadCube Web Reader on

  57. How can I get to the ReadCube Web Reader on

  58. How can I import my Endnote library into ReadCube?

  59. How can I import my library to the ReadCube Mobile app?

  60. How can I import my Mendeley library into ReadCube?

  61. How can I import my Reference Manager library into ReadCube?

  62. How can I import my Zotero library into ReadCube?

  63. How can I make ReadCube Desktop's display change to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean?

  64. How can I navigate directly from an inline citation to an article/reference?

  65. How can I save articles from the Web Reader to my free account's library?

  66. How can I select ReadCube to import PDFs from another app on Android OS?

  67. How can I share an article with friends and colleagues?

  68. How can I sync and download articles I added from the ReadCube Web Reader to my ReadCube Desktop library?

  69. How can I upgrade my rental/cloud purchase to a PDF?

  70. How can I view figures in the ReadCube Web Reader?

  71. How can I view my notes in the ReadCube web reader?

  72. How can I view supplementary information in the ReadCube Web Reader?

  73. How do I (hash)tag references?

  74. How do I add a citation style to SmartCite [Legacy]?

  75. How do I add create a shared team library?

  76. How do I annotate an article in ReadCube Desktop?

  77. How do I backup my ReadCube Library?

  78. How do I completely remove ReadCube Desktop from my computer?

  79. How do I create shared annotations?

  80. How do I delete articles from my library in ReadCube Desktop?

  81. How do I delete my ReadCube Account

  82. How do I edit an existing citation in SmartCite [Legacy]?

  83. How do I export / back up / transfer my ReadCube library?

  84. How do I find and/or edit CSL citation styles?

  85. How do I get help?

  86. How do I get to my receipt / invoice?

  87. How do I import my Papers 3 library into ReadCube?

  88. How do I import papers into ReadCube Desktop?

  89. How do I insert my bibliography using SmartCite [Legacy]?

  90. How do I know my purchase is secure?

  91. How do I move Notes/Highlights/Lists from one computer to another without Cloud Sync?

  92. How do I obtain a sharing link on publisher article pages?

  93. How do I organize my articles in ReadCube Desktop?

  94. How do I rename or remove a list in ReadCube Desktop?

  95. How do I search my library in ReadCube Desktop?

  96. How do I set up automatic file system management?

  97. How do I set up my institutional proxy in ReadCube?

  98. How do I submit requested files to Support for troubleshooting?

  99. How do I use advanced search terms in ReadCube Desktop?

  100. How do I use the Enhanced PDF in ReadCube Desktop?

  101. How do I view and attach supplement files to references?

  102. How to backup your ReadCube Desktop 2.0 library

  103. How to Enable Scrolling on Lenovo Laptops in ReadCube Desktop

  104. I am the administrator of my team - how can I add users to my team?

  105. I Can't Download ReadCube from Google Play

  106. I can't open PDFs in the Web Reader with Edge browser

  107. I can't view my paid ReadCube content

  108. I just purchased ReadCube Pro, why hasn't the subscription applied to my account?

  109. I keep getting error messages every time I try to sync. Help!

  110. I'm an admin, where can I see the details of my Team's shared libraries?

  111. I'm having problems with the Google login/sign up option

  112. I'm using file management and I get an error that ReadCube "failed to move PDF"

  113. Importing articles into your Web Library

  114. Introduction to SmartCite 2.0

  115. Introduction to SmartCite [Legacy]

  116. Introduction to Syncing with ReadCube PRO

  117. Introduction to the ReadCube Bookmarklet

  118. Introduction to the ReadCube Web Reader

  119. iOS App & Wiley Content via Google Scholar

  120. Is there an Android App?

  121. Mac OS X CS3/4 & SmartCite [Legacy] Fix

  122. Manually Adding References/Citations into your ReadCube Library

  123. My Organization is Tax Exempt. How Can I Have the Tax From Transactions Removed?

  124. Not all articles are syncing to my other devices

  125. Oh no! I forgot my password!

  126. Open Source Projects

  127. ReadCube Access at University of Utah FAQ

  128. ReadCube Bookmarklet and Firefox

  129. ReadCube Bootcamp: ReadCube on Wiley Online Library

  130. ReadCube Desktop Article Download Tips

  131. ReadCube Desktop fails/crashes/freezes when importing many articles

  132. ReadCube Desktop Release Notes

  133. ReadCube Desktop Search and Download Tips

  134. ReadCube iOS App (iPhone/iPad) Article View Tutorial

  135. ReadCube iOS App (iPhone/iPad) Library View Tutorial

  136. ReadCube Pro Checkout: Supported Browsers

  137. ReadCube Suggested Features FAQ

  138. ReadCube Uploader

  139. ReadCube Web Importer Browser Extension

  140. ReadCube's Ambassador Program FAQ

  141. Recommendations no longer work within ReadCube

  142. Reporting Issues/Vunerabilities

  143. Searching Team Libraries

  144. Setting Up Watch Folders

  145. Setting up Watch Folders on the ReadCbe Desktop

  146. SmartCite [Legacy] / Known Issues

  147. SmartCite [Legacy] doesn't launch in Microsoft Word when I use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-Ctrl)

  148. SmartCite [Legacy] Won't Connect

  149. Supported Web Browsers for Viewing Shared Articles

  150. Syncing your library for the 1st time

  151. Turning off Auto-Updating Function in SmartCite [Legacy]

  152. Updating Your Bibliography in SmartCite [Legacy]

  153. What annotation options are available in the ReadCube Web Reader?

  154. What are connectors?

  155. What are Recommendations?

  156. What are the system requirements for the ReadCube desktop application?

  157. What are the three purchasing options available through ReadCube Checkout?

  158. What articles are available via ReadCube Checkout?

  159. What billing periods are available for ReadCube Pro subscriptions?

  160. What browser versions support the ReadCube Enhanced PDF Web Reader?

  161. What can I do if ReadCube won't launch / update / install?

  162. What can I do with a shared article?

  163. What citation styles are available in SmartCite [Legacy]?

  164. What features do I need a ReadCube Pro subscription to use in ReadCube Desktop?

  165. What happens during the import process?

  166. What if my university/institution is not listed?

  167. What is ReadCube Teams?

  168. What is the Springer Nature SharedIt Content Sharing Initiative?

  169. What is Wiley Content Sharing?

  170. What payment options are available?

  171. What publishers use the ReadCube Web Reader?

  172. What sites does the bookmarklet work on?

  173. What versions of Word are supported by SmartCite [Legacy]?

  174. When I click on "support" in the ReadCube desktop app, I get an error.

  175. Where can I view an article’s full reference list in the ReadCube Web Reader?

  176. Where does ReadCube Desktop store downloaded article PDFs?

  177. Where is ReadCube 2.0 installed?

  178. Where is the PDF I purchased?

  179. Which Kindles are supported for the ReadCube mobile app?

  180. Who is Wistia? Why am I being prompted to allow them permission to store information on my computer?

  181. Why am I prompted for internet network proxy credentials?

  182. Why can I not see past the first page in some ReadCube Web Reader articles?

  183. Why can't I print out an article I just paid for?

  184. Why do I always see tooltip popups when I load the Web Reader - how can I turn these off?

  185. Why do I get a blank/white screen when trying to download a ScienceDirect paper?

  186. Why do I get a message about third-party cookies when trying to use Checkout to purchase an article?

  187. Why does my exported Notes file contain strange characters?

  188. Why does ReadCube look fuzzy on my high resolution display?

  189. Why is the article blurry?

  190. Why isn't the Metrics tab available for a particular article?

  191. Why won't PDFs download if I have selected my institution for proxy access?

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