How do I import my Papers 3 library into ReadCube?

ReadCube allows for the import of your library from multiple other reference managers, including Papers 3.

Importing your library from Papers 3 can be completed in two easy steps:

First, to export the metadata of your library, launch Papers 3 and head up to file and export. Here you’ll see several ways that you can export your Papers 3 metadata.

ReadCube can accept .bib, .xml, and. .ris formats.

If you wish to export the metadata of your entire library, be sure to select that option, rather than only selected references, as well as any other export preferences you would prefer.

Once your metadata has exported, you can now import it into ReadCube by heading up to the top right of the application, and preforming a search for that metadata export file or by dragging and dropping it directly into the import box.

Once ReadCube has this file, it will automatically begin to import the metadata of your Papers 3 library.

Now that your metadata has been imported, it’s time to import your actual PDFs from Papers 3 into ReadCube.

To do this, head to your “library.Papers3” file. By default, this is stored in the documents folder of your computer. Once you’ve located this file, click to expand it and you’ll see a folder called “files” - this contains all of the PDFs of your Papers 3 library.

As you did with your metadata export, you can either search for this folder or drag and drop it directly into the ReadCube import screen or even directly into your ReadCube library.

Once done, you’ll see your Papers 3 PDFs and metadata merge, effectively migrating your Papers 3 library into ReadCube. 

Questions? Please contact ReadCube Support

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