Syncing your library for the 1st time

Here are some tips to get started with saving your library to the ReadCube Cloud.

1. On your main computer, click the "Sync" in the top right corner of the library view. Please make sure you have a reliable connection to the internet (hardwired if possible). If you have a large library, this may take some time to fully upload all of your PDFs. Your will see a yellow progress bar move across the top, and the button will say "Syncing".

Please note this is a ReadCube PRO feature, and you will need to either start your free 30-day trial (if you haven't yet) or sign up.

2. Once complete, open ReadCube on your secondary computer or device. Be sure to check that you've signed in with the same credentials as used in your primary computer. Once you log in, your uploaded library will begin syncing to your secondary device. In addition, any new articles you have on your secondary device will also upload to the cloud. When you use ReadCube on your primary machine, those new articles will sync over.

Please note:

If you have a different account associated with your secondary device, you will not be able to merge the two libraries. You will need to choose one account to sync.

If you cancel your subscription or your trial ends, please note that subsequent syncing will stop. The library you have already synced to your device will remain - nothing is deleted from your desktop or mobile apps.

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