How can I "flatten" (remove fields) from a SmartCite [Legacy]-formatted document?

Please note that this article is in reference to SmartCite [Legacy].; this version is no longer being developed. Please check out SmartCite 2.0!

To convert citations and bibliographies inserted by SmartCite into regular editable text (instead of active SmartCite fields):

- We first recommend that you create a backup copy of your file since this action is irreversible - SmartCite will no longer be able to detect/update/change citations or the bibliography afterwards.

- Press ctrl-A (Windows) or cmd-A (Mac) to select everything in a document.
- Press ctrl-shift-F9 (Windows) or cmd-shift-F9 to remove all fields; you may also need to press the Fn key on some keyboards in order to register the F9.

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