SmartCite [Legacy] doesn't launch in Microsoft Word when I use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-Ctrl)

Please note that this article is in reference to SmartCite [Legacy]; this version is no longer being developed. Please check out SmartCite 2.0!

System requirements: ReadCube's SmartCite citation tool is available for Microsoft Word 2007 and newer on Windows, and Word 2008 and newer on Mac. We currently do not support older versions of Word or other word processor software. 

Otherwise, if you have a compatible version of Word installed, please check the following steps:

1 - Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have a supported version of Word, first check that the SmartCite keyboard shortcuts are properly enabled. Click on the Preferences gear icon in the lower left corner of ReadCube, and navigate to the SmartCite tab. By default, the Ctrl-Ctrl hotkey combination should be checked.


2 - Full Restart of ReadCube

If the keyboard shortcut is properly configured, please try restarting ReadCube as described:

- In your taskbar tray, find the ReadCube icon and right click on it. 
- Select Exit.
- Restart the ReadCube app and Word.


- In your top menu bar, find the ReadCube icon and click on it.
- Select Exit.
- Restart the ReadCube app and Word.

3 - Check Word Plugins

However, if SmartCite was previously working for you and suddenly stopped responding to the launch hotkeys, another software program that creates Word add-ins/plugins may be interfering.

To check Word add-ins, click on File - Options, and then select Add-ins from the left menu (in Microsoft Word). Are there active add-ins (e.g. "COM Add-in" type) that were recently installed by another program? To manage add-ins and toggle them on/off, look for the "Manage" drop-down menu at the bottom. Select the add-in type, such as COM Add-ins, and click Go.

The next popup dialog will list active Word add-ins. Uncheck these - either the ones you do not want/use or all of them to test SmartCite integration - and click OK. You can always re-enable any Word add-in later with the same steps.

Be aware that, depending on your version of Word, these plug-ins (or add-ins) may also be found under the "tools" menu bar:

Once that has been done, quit completely out of Word and ReadCube, and restart both apps. If a Word add-in was previously interfering with SmartCite, disabling that add-in should allow SmartCite to work again after the restart.

4 - Known Issue with Adobe CS3/CS4 Software

If you're on a Mac with Adobe CS3 or CS4 software installed (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator), please check the following support article about a known issue:

5 - Check Antivirus/Monitoring Software

Occasionally, antivirus and/or other monitoring software may falsely label ReadCube components as viruses. Rest assured that our apps are 100% free of any viruses/malware and are used and trusted by many users and institutions worldwide.

While we do work with these antivirus companies to whitelist our software, sometimes updates/changes occur that can break parts of ReadCube, including SmartCite. So if you're still having problems launching SmartCite after taking the above steps, we also recommend that you check your antivirus/malware software to see if any ReadCube files or folders have been quarantined/"vaulted". If there are any ReadCube files that are blocked, restoring/whitelisting them and then restarting your computer should fix the problem.

In particular, please make sure the following folders (and any subfolders/files) are whitelisted in your antivirus software:
OS X: /Users/[user]/Library/Preferences/com.readcube.Desktop/
Windows: C:/Users/[user]/AppData/Local/com.readcube.Desktop/

If the problem persists or if you have any questions, please contact us at

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