How do I edit an existing citation in SmartCite [Legacy]?

Please note that this article is in reference to SmartCite [Legacy];this version is no longer being developed. Please check out SmartCite 2.0!

How do I edit an existing citation?

By default, citations and bibliographies are inserted where your cursor is. To maintain correct ordering when you want to go back and revise citations, please use the steps described below. 

To edit an existing citation (delete, re-order, insert new reference), click directly on the citation in Word so that it becomes actively selected (highlighted gray color - please see below). Then bring up SmartCite by hitting Ctl-Ctl. When you're editing a citation, a different SmartCite menu is presented. 

The current references in the citation field are listed horizontally along the top. You can drag-and-drop to reorder or click the x buttons to delete. To insert a new reference in this citation, just search for it in the search bar. 
Click on Update Citations or Insert when you're done.

ReadCube’s SmartCite is constantly checking how your citations are numbered. If you have Automatic Updates turned on (in the desktop app Preferences), whenever you add any references, SmartCite works from the top to the bottom of the document to make sure the citations and the bibliography are ordered correctly.

Since Automatic Updates can take some time with longer documents, you can also leave this option off. Just manually click on Update Document whenever you're ready.

Changing the styles of your references and bibliographies is equally simple to do. Simply call up the Gadget and select the “Current style” button to be brought to a list of all of your currently available styles. From here, choose the style you’d like and your entire document (from top to bottom) will be correctly formatted in this new style. 

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