Introduction to SmartCite [Legacy]

Please note that this article is in reference to SmartCite [Legacy]; this version is no longer being developed. Please check out SmartCite 2.0!

What is SmartCite?

ReadCube's SmartCite is a new way to create an academic bibliography while you write using the contents of your ReadCube Library and any article available on PubMed.

To begin, open ReadCube preferences and enable SmartCite by selecting a keyboard shortcut - by default, this will be CTRL CTRL.

Then, simply start writing your paper and whenever you need to insert a reference, double tap the CTRL key to open the gadget.

Once open, choose whether you want to search your ReadCube Library or PubMed by selecting from the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar, and look your reference up by name, author or DOI. Select your desired reference(s) by either clicking on them and pressing the spacebar, or checking the boxes next to the desired articles, and then press the "insert" button.

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