Where is ReadCube 2.0 installed?

Previously, ReadCube was installed in either your Program Files folder on Windows OS or your Applications directory on Mac OS.  The latest version of ReadCube has been moved entirely, which may be confusing to new users who are hoping to find and edit ReadCube manually or remove it entirely from their computers.  Please see the below instructions to find your ReadCube Library: 


1.) Navigate to %localappdata% (or run %appdata% on Windows XP, or look under C:/Users/YourName/Appdata for Windows 8)

2.) Here, you will find the com.readcube.desktop folder.

Mac OS:

1.) Go to ~/Library/Preferences and look for the folder com.readcube.desktop.  If you can't find this fold here, check under ~/Library/Application Support.  
2.) Here, you should find the com.readcube.desktop folder.

If all else fails, perform a search on your computer for a com.readcube.desktop folder and you should be able to find it.  The actual .exe file that will run your ReadCube program is located in the "application" subfolder, feel free to drag it to your desktop to create a shortcut.  

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