I have imported my PDF library but ReadCube did not find the article. What can I do? (Unmatched articles FAQ)

ReadCube should automatically identify all PDF journal articles that you import.

Occasionally, though, ReadCube does not identify an article the first time. You can try to auto-resolve the missing article by selecting the article in your library and clicking Auto-Resolve Article in the right-hand pane. ReadCube should now be able identify your article.

If ReadCube still doesn’t match your article you can manually resolve your article by clicking on Help ReadCube resolve article. Then select the Title, authors, journal, and/or year and click on the matching button in the tool that appears. This will fill in the fields to the right. Alternatively you can fill in these fields yourself.

Then, click “Find Match” and select the matching article from the list below.

Note: ReadCube will only find matches for journal articles and not other PDFs.

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