How do I use advanced search terms in ReadCube Desktop?

You can search specific authors, journals, or keywords from within ReadCube either visually or with special syntax.

Visual Search: In the search home screen, with just the Google Scholar or PubMed search bar, as you start to type the name of a journal or author, a drop-down menu appears below the search bar with suggestions to complete what you are typing. If you click on one of these suggestions, it will put a blue tag into the search bar with that journal, author or keyword. You can add as many of these as you like, and also add your own keywords at the end of the string of blue tabs. When you click search, it will perform an advanced search with those terms.

Syntax for Advanced Search: You can also manually type the advanced search syntax directly into the search bar. Below is listed some of the syntax for doing so:

Search for articles with a key-phrase or from a specific journal: Add " " around the phrase, i.e. “insulin resistance” or “Annals of Surgery”

Search for a specific author_ Write author:" " and insert the author name in the quotes after the word author. i.e. author:“Melton DA” or author:“Lieberman”

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