Refer a Friend for Free ReadCube PRO FAQ

Do you have a friend, a colleague, professor, or fellow researcher you know would benefit from having ReadCube in their life?  Tell them about ReadCube and get ReadCube PRO free!

What do I get from referring a friend?

Invite 10 friends to try ReadCube and get a year of PRO for FREE!

Your friends will get a 30 day free trial of PRO plus $5.00 off ReadCube PRO if they choose to upgrade.

What do I invite people?

1) You can invite people by clicking the thumbs up icon at the bottom left of the app

2.) Or you can go directly to

You'll need to sign in to get your personalized referral code (so we can give you credit for the people who join based on your invite).

You'll be able to keep track of your invites, and share your referral link easily by email and social media! Feel free to customize the message!

When you reach 10 referrals - you'll receive an email that will contain your upgrade code for a full year of PRO.

Have questions about the program?  Drop us a note at:

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