ReadCube Access at University of Utah FAQ

ReadCube Access + University of Utah FAQ

What is ReadCube Access?

ReadCube Access is a new way to gain access to scholarly journal articles offered in partnership by the Marriott Library and ReadCube.

Simply put, if you, as a researcher come across an article that you do not have access to, through a library subscription, you still may be able to download it instantly without having to pay with personal or lab funds. Currently this one of a kind service is only available at the University of Utah and for publications from Nature Publishing Group. For a detailed list of publications available via ReadCube, click here.

What do I need to be able to access Nature Content through ReadCube Access?

To obtain content through ReadCube Access, you must install ReadCube, and register for an account. If you received an invitation email from the Marriott Library, use that email address for your ReadCube account, and you will be approved automatically!

If you did not receive an invitation, you will be prompted to select your department when you first open ReadCube. Once you select your department, your account details will be forwarded to the Marriott Library, who will review your account for eligibility. If you're eligible, the Marriott Library will approve your account as soon as possible, and you will receive a confirmation email once ReadCube access is enabled for your account. Once your account is approved, you’re ready to go.


How do I, as a University of Utah user, get articles via ReadCube Access?

When you encounter an article in a Nature journal in ReadCube, whether from the built-in PubMed or Google Scholar search, via your personalized recommendations, or by clicking a reference in an Enhanced PDF, you will be presented with the “Instant Access via University of Utah” option. ReadCube Access is seamless, and only presents itself for Nature content.

Clicking “Get Article” will present you with the first page instantly. In the meantime, ReadCube will determine whether or not you have subscription access to the article through the Marriott library. If you do, the remaining pages download automatically. If the Marriott library does not have a subscription, ReadCube will present you with purchase options. Choose whether you’d like to rent or buy the article to get instant access, and the library covers the cost.

What’s more, any articles purchased via ReadCube access arrive as an Enhanced PDF, which combines the typeset, highly organized PDF with the functionality of the full-text article page, including clickable in-line references, clickable author names (for easy searches), and supplementary material included.

Please note that articles purchased in this way cannot be printed or opened in any PDF viewer other than ReadCube. Additionally, these articles cannot be shared. By providing content in this way, we are able to substantially lower the cost burden to your library.


What if I encounter problems with ReadCube Access?

If you encounter any issues with ReadCube Access, please email with a detailed description of the problem you’re encountering (screenshots, if relevant, are greatly appreciated).


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