Knowledge Base

  1. Known Issues 

    1. Why is printing disabled when using ReadCube in Chrome?
    2. ReadCube Bookmarklet and Firefox
    3. Mac OS X CS3/4 & SmartCite Fix
    4. ReadCube Pro Checkout: Supported Browsers
    5. iOS App & Wiley Content via Google Scholar
  2. Mobile App Visual Tutorials 

    1. Library View Tutorial
    2. Article View Tutorial
  3. ReadCube Pro 

    1. Can I have ReadCube monitor specific folders for new additions?
    2. About Manually Inserting Citations
    3. How do I revert back from ReadCube Pro to an older version of ReadCube?
    4. Where is ReadCube Pro installed?
    5. I keep getting error messages every time I try to sync. Help!
  4. SmartCite 

    1. SmartCite
    2. How do I add a citation style to SmartCite?
  5. Sync 

    1. Cloud Sync FAQ
    2. Do my purchases sync on ReadCube's cloud server automatically?
  6. General 

    1. How do I get help?
    2. Oh no! I forgot my password!
    3. Enhanced PDF FAQ
    4. What can I do if ReadCube fails to launch after an update?
    5. How do I let my colleagues know about ReadCube?
  7. Library 

    1. Can I mark an article as a favorite?
    2. How do I annotate an article?
    3. How do I delete articles from my library?
    4. How do I organize my articles in ReadCube?
    5. Can ReadCube automatically organize my articles into lists?
  8. Article Imports 

    1. How do I import papers to ReadCube?
    2. I have imported my PDF library but ReadCube did not find the article. What can I do? (Unmatched articles FAQ)
    3. ReadCube Bookmarklet FAQ
    4. What happens during the import process?
  9. Article Downloads 

    1. Article Download Tips
    2. Change Article Download Provider
    3. Where does ReadCube store downloaded article PDFs?
    4. How can I delete articles downloaded via ReadCube from my computer?
    5. What are connectors?
  10. Search 

    1. How do I search my library?
    2. Search and Download Tips
    3. Why isn't Google Scholar working?
    4. Why do these Google Scholar captchas keep appearing?
  11. Institutional Affiliation 

    1. Can I download PDFs from journals to which my institution is a subscriber?
    2. What if my university/institution is not listed?
  12. ReadCube Access 

    1. About ReadCube Access
    2. What articles are available via ReadCube Access?
    3. How do I know my purchase is secure?
    4. Help! I can't get to my purchase!
    5. How can I purchase articles without a ReadCube account?
  13. ReadCube @ U Utah 

    1. ReadCube Access at University of Utah FAQ
  14. All articles 

    1. About Manually Inserting Citations
    2. About ReadCube Access
    3. Article Download Tips
    4. Article View Tutorial
    5. Can I download PDFs from journals to which my institution is a subscriber?

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