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  1. Sharing via ReadCube Web Reader 

    1. What is the Content Sharing Initiative?
    2. What Journals are included in Sharing Initiative
    3. What can I do with the Shared Article?
    4. Do I need a Readcube subscription or do I need to be a registered ReadCube user to view a shared article?
    5. Supported Browsers for Viewing Shared Articles
  2. ReadCube Desktop 

    1. Can I mark an article as a favorite in ReadCube Desktop?
    2. How do I annotate an article in ReadCube Desktop?
    3. How do I delete articles from my library in ReadCube Desktop?
    4. How do I organize my articles in ReadCube Desktop?
    5. Can ReadCube Desktop automatically organize my articles into lists?
  3. ReadCube Mobile 

    1. ReadCube iOS App (iPhone/iPad) Library View Tutorial
    2. ReadCube iOS App (iPhone/iPad) Article View Tutorial
    3. Does the ReadCube ReadCube iOS App (iPhone/iPad) work with Safari?
    4. Can I import PDF files from the Dropbox App into ReadCube ReadCube iOS App (iPhone/iPad)?
    5. How can I import my library to the ReadCube Mobile app?
  4. ReadCube Pro 

    1. Can I have ReadCube Desktop monitor specific folders for additions?
    2. I keep getting error messages every time I try to sync. Help!
    3. I just purchased ReadCube Pro, why hasn't the subscription applied to my account?
    4. Introduction to Cloud Sync
    5. How to backup your ReadCube Desktop 2.0 library
  5. SmartCite 

    1. Introduction to SmartCite
    2. How do I insert my bibliography using SmartCite?
    3. How can I change SmartCite's launch shortcut?
    4. How do I add a citation style to SmartCite?
    5. SmartCite doesn't launch in Microsoft Word when I use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-Ctrl)
  6. ReadCube Bookmarklet 

    1. Introduction to the ReadCube Bookmarklet
  7. ReadCube Web Reader 

    1. Introduction to the ReadCube Web Reader
    2. Do I need a free ReadCube Account to access PDF files on the Wiley Online Library?
    3. How can I download a PDF from Wiley using the ReadCube Web Reader?
    4. ReadCube Bootcamp: ReadCube on Wiley Online Library
    5. How can I get to the ReadCube Web Reader on
  8. Article Purchases/Rentals 

    1. About ReadCube Checkout
    2. What articles are available via ReadCube Checkout?
    3. Help! I can't get to my purchase!
    4. How do I get to my receipt?
    5. How do I know my purchase is secure?
  9. Account Set-Up / Billing 

    1. Oh no! I forgot my password!
    2. What if my university/institution is not listed?
    3. ReadCube and Proxy Support
    4. ReadCube Pro Checkout: Supported Browsers
    5. Do you accept Paypal?
  10. Known Issues 

    1. ReadCube Bookmarklet and Firefox
    2. Mac OS X CS3/4 & SmartCite Fix
    3. iOS App & Wiley Content via Google Scholar
    4. Firefox issue: Poor font rendering in HTML5 reader
    5. Reporting Issues/Vunerabilities
  11. Other 

    1. ReadCube's Ambassador Program FAQ
    2. ReadCube Suggested Features FAQ
    3. Can I use ReadCube on Linux?
    4. How do I get help?
    5. How can I apply promotional codes to my purchases?
  12. All articles 

    1. Can I mark an article as a favorite in ReadCube Desktop?
    2. ReadCube Access at University of Utah FAQ
    3. Introduction to the ReadCube Bookmarklet
    4. Oh no! I forgot my password!
    5. ReadCube's Ambassador Program FAQ

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