It would be cool if ReadCube could...

Allow manual data supplement file addition.

Data supplements are a common feature of many journal articles now a days. Currently, Readcube pulls these supplements, but rather very ineffectively. I understand that different journals have different file formats for supplements. This could be easily overcome by allowing manual addition of data supplement files to Readcube records. At the moment, I am having to go back to the browser to get all files in one place. This kind of negates the idea of using Readcube, let alone paying for Readcube Pro.

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Adding supplements of any file type are available in Web library ( and PDF files can be added to desktop. We are working to update the desktop to support the range file types as the web in the coming months.

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    Furthermore, many supplements are not in PDF format. It would be great if .TIF and .DOC files could be manually attached to articles. Or, if this were not possible, it would help if there were some kind of button that opens a folder with those non-PDF files so that I could quickly access them.

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